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Lifestyle Coaching 

Lifestyle Coaching programs are ideal for motivated individuals who seek to preserve their brain health from future decline, or stabilize memory changes.  

Molly Rapozo
Molly Rapozo, MS, RDN, CD

Lifestyle Coaching Program

Reboot your lifestyle to preserve your brain health.

Lifestyle Coaching sessions focus on healthy lifestyle behaviors around sleep, stress management, exercise, and diet with Registered Dietician and Senior Nutrition & Health Educator, Molly Rapozo, MS, RDN, CD.  

Lifestyle Consultation and Lifestyle Coaching Packages

As a stand-alone session, a 60-minute Lifestyle Consultation is ideal for highly motivated, self-directed people seeking guidance to improve their personal wellness. Packages (available with either 6 sessions or 12 sessions) provide a brain health coaching plan for ongoing support and accountability, allowing individuals to successfully implement lifestyle recommendations. Multi-session packages provide an integrative approach to customize a long-term plan for your unique health goals.  

Brain Health Optimization Group Course

If you feel overwhelmed by the revolving door of brain health trends, the virtual Brain Health Optimization group course is the place for you. Guided by leading-edge cognitive health research, Molly discusses sleep hygiene, stress management, social engagement, exercise, cognitive training and nutrition recommendations along with tips for implementation.  

Lifestyle Coaching Covers the Following: 


As fad diets swarm the Internet, individuals struggle to select the “perfect” way to eat. With Molly’s expert guidance, you’ll debunk those diet rumors, and learn how to implement brain-healthy nutrition for increased longevity. 

Sleep Hygiene 

Did you know sub-standard sleep is linked to reduced brain volume? In this course you will learn sleep hygiene tips to promote a restful slumber, resulting in elevated mood and improved brain health.   

Stress Management 

Learn stress management techniques to optimize your brain health. These strategies are designed to improve your cognitive wellness, while simultaneously reducing your risk for heart disease, high blood pressure and inflammation.  

Social Engagement 

Socializing with friends and family may be fun, but it’s also essential to your brain health! Learn how socialization supports better cognition and longevity. 


Physical activity is essential to maintain long-term cognitive health and to increase overall mood. Discover science-based fitness habits to incorporate into your routine.  

Cognitive Training  

Your brain is like a muscle… it’s time to use it! During this course, you will learn about the importance of cognitive stimulation and memory training in order to improve your overall cognition. 

Lifestyle Coaching options:

All options are virtual 

It’s never too late to start your personal wellness journey. Protect your long-term brain health with one of the following options:  

NEW Brain Health Optimization Group Course | $300

Limited availability! 

It’s time for a brain health reboot! Discover the 6 key lifestyle behaviors to support quality longevity by optimizing brain health. 

  • 6 weeks, 1-hour sessions

Lifestyle Consultation | $200 

Discuss your individual healthy lifestyle behaviors as well as avenues in which improvements can be made.  

  • 1-hour consultation 

6-Session Lifestyle Coaching Package | $900 

This package includes 1 Lifestyle Consultation as well as the development of a coaching plan to provide support, accountability, and a foundation for continued success.  

  • 1-hour consultation and 1-hour follow-ups 

12-Session Lifestyle Coaching Package | $1200 

This package includes 1 Lifestyle Consultation as well as the development of a comprehensive coaching plan. Follow-up sessions focus on adjusting your individual goals to further support and improve your accountability. These sessions guide you toward the successful implementation of a customized brain health plan.  

  • 1-hour consultation and 1-hour follow-ups 

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