Karen Miller PhD

Karen Miller, PhD

Geropsychology; Clinical Neuropsychology

Karen Miller, PhD, Senior Director, Brain Wellness and Lifestyle Program, is a leading national expert in the area of Memory/Cognitive Training. With more than three decades of experience in the field of aging and memory as a geropsychologist and clinical neuropsychologist, she develops and directs the implementation of Lifestyle Programs at PNI aimed at providing a roadmap to brain wellness.

Prior to joining PNIF, Dr. Miller was a Health Sciences Clinical Professor at UCLA Medical Center in the department of adult and geriatric psychiatry and Director Practicum Training for medical psychology.

With a strong background in clinical work, research, and community involvement for individuals and families who are experiencing psychological and cognitive changes related to aging, Dr. Miller has focused on developing novel intervention programs over the past 20 years, including Memory Fitness®, Memory Care®, and Brain Boot Camp®. These programs, which are presently licensed all over the United States, aim to stabilize cognitive decline and improve overall memory and other lifestyle factors (stress, nutrition, exercise, sleep) for individuals experiencing normal aging or cognitive decline.

Dr. Miller and her team at PNIF aim to reach a broad audience, including individuals who want to optimize their cognition. Her aim is to lead the development of additional Lifestyle Programs focused on improving the brain health of people in the Los Angeles community and beyond.

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1301 20th St, Santa Monica, CA 90404
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