Choosing Pacific Facial Pain Center

A highly specialized team with expertise in neurology and neurosurgery work on your behalf to provide accurate diagnoses, treatment and long-term management. Schedule a consultationor contact us at 310-582-7640.

Conditions We Treat

We are dedicated to the compassionate, personalized and comprehensive care of patients with a wide spectrum of facial pain disorders.

Minimally Invasive Approach

Patients with:

whose symptoms are not well controlled with medication may be candidates for life-altering microvascular decompression surgery.

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Pamela Shavaun Scott displays the 3D brain printing that saved her life

The development of 3D printing, 3D imaging, and HD imaging, has brought the highest quality in imaging modalities to the field of neurosurgery. 3D renders and models can be used in diagnosis and planning stages of treatment and care for conditions such as brain tumors, skull base or pituitary tumors, and facial pain syndromes. Learn more.

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About Facial Pain CenterSM

Our highly specialized team with expertise in neurology and neurosurgery provide personalized, compassionate and comprehensive care to achieve a proper diagnosis, treatment and long-term management for patients suffering with facial pain syndromes. For conditions such as trigeminal neuralgia unresponsive to medication, minimally invasive restorative surgical approaches including life-altering microvascular decompression surgery can alleviate facial pain and maximize quality of life.