Doctor examining a patient's face


We provide treatment and care for a wide spectrum of facial pain conditions

Our multidisciplinary team treats a wide range of facial pain conditions and disorders. We apply a comprehensive approach to achieve a proper diagnosis, treated by the appropriate procedural, surgical or non-surgical solution, and managed long-term by our experienced team.

Vascular compression syndromes occur when a blood vessel comes into contact with a nerve coming off the brainstem resulting in dysfunction of the nerve. The most common is trigeminal neuralgia, but numerous syndromes exist such as hemifacial spasmglossopharyngeal neuralgia, intractable vertigo and torticollis.

Though the exact mechanism is not known, the most likely etiology is inflammation of the affected nerve. This inflammation results in “ephaptic transmission” where the nerve “short-circuits” and minimal stimulation results in intense symptoms (such as facial pain or inner ear pain). By surgically repositioning the artery and/or vein causing nerve compression, this inappropriate conduction can be abated, resulting in improvement of symptoms.