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Pacific Neuroscience Institute Website Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The Pacific Neuroscience Institute® (“PNI®”) website is owned and operated by the Pacific Neuroscience Institute Foundation (“PNIF”), a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization. PNIF is affiliated with the Pacific Neuroscience Institute Medical Group (“PNIMG”), a clinical care provider and collaborator with the Providence Saint John’s Physician Partners (“SJPP”). On this website, the use of the nomenclature Pacific Neuroscience Institute® and PNI refer to the Pacific Neuroscience Institute Medical Group.

This Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) describes how we collect information from you or about you online through our website at (“website”), why we collect this information, how we will use or disclose this information and how you may update or delete identifiable information about you from our records. By accessing, browsing and/or using our website, you are deemed to accept the terms of this Privacy Policy. If you are not willing to accept the terms of this Privacy Policy, please do not use our website. The HIPAA Privacy Policy for the SJPP is located at

Pacific Neuroscience Institute® is committed to honoring the privacy of individuals who choose to use the PNI website ( or (such individuals are referred to in this Privacy Policy as “Users”). This Privacy Policy is intended to make Users aware of the ways their personal information collected through the PNI website is used and how PNI guards that information. We hope this policy will help Users make informed decisions about sharing information with us.

  1. Services Subject to Notice PNI provides a variety of information and communication services (“Services”). Some information and Services are available to the general public.
    1. This Privacy Policy applies to personal information received or created by PNI from the following PNI Services:
      • Access to educational information, including links to informative websites.
      • Access to information and news services about PNI Services, health care providers and facilities, and employment opportunities.
      • Access to information about PNI events, activities and classes.
    2. This Privacy Policy does not apply to personal information received or created by PNI for the following services:
      • Non-Pacific Neuroscience Institute Office Services. Personal information received or created through the PNI website for a non-PNI provider is subject to the privacy practices applicable to that health care provider.
  2. Use and Disclosure of Personal Information PNI collects and uses personal information subject to this Privacy Policy as follows:
    • PNI will not disclose any personal information obtained through the PNI website for third party marketing purposes.
    • PNI will not collect or use personal information for any of the following purposes: when Users’ use the Services to obtain educational information, news, information about PNI Services, activities and classes, or career or employment opportunities, or to make decisions about insurance underwriting or coverage, medical care or treatment, or the administration of health care for individuals; nor will PNI use such information to infer or make any determinations about an individual’s health condition or medical needs.
    • PNI will disclose personal information when required to do so by law; for example, in response to a court order or a subpoena or other legal obligation, in response to a law enforcement agency’s request, or in special cases when we have reason to believe that disclosing this information is necessary to identify, contact or bring legal action against someone who may be causing injury to or interference (either intentionally or unintentionally) with PNI rights or property.
  3. Use of Cookies A “cookie” is a small set of computer data which allow web servers, like the web servers used to host the PNI website, to maintain records of the activities of Users and to help us serve Users better by improving our website design. Cookies may be used to customize the delivery of content based on Users’ usage patterns and interests. Cookies used by PNI do not identify Users by name or any other personal identifier. Users may have cookies placed on their computers for use in customizing the delivery of content based on usage patterns and interests.
  4. Third-Party Advertising Partners In addition to using cookies and related technologies as described above, we use third-party service providers to conduct interest-based advertising for PNI products and services across the Internet. These service providers may collect non-identifiable information about Users’ interactions with the PNI website through the use of these technologies. In the course of conducting this advertising, these third-party companies may place or recognize a unique cookie on a User’s computer, and may record information about these cookies based upon Users’ activities on PNI website and third-party websites and/or use of the Services. Each of these companies uses this cookie information according to their own privacy and security policies. Users who do not wish to have this information used for the purpose of this interest-based advertising may opt-out as indicated below. (Please note that Users may continue to receive generic advertisements.)Users who would like more information about this practice and to know their choices for not having this information used by third-party service providers for this purpose should visit Internet browsers include the ability to transmit “Do Not Track” signals. Uniform standards have not been adopted for these signals, and the PNI website does not currently respond to browser “Do Not Track” signals. For more information regarding “Do Not Track”, please visit “All About Do Not Track.”
  5. Safeguards for Protection of Personal Information PNI reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy from time to time. We will make reasonable attempts to notify Users by e-mail of changes we think may be important to them. All changes will be effective when published, unless a different effective date is specified. Continued use of the PNI website after a change to this Privacy Policy has been posted will be considered a User’s consent to the change.
  6. Relationship to Terms of Use
    The provisions of the PNI website Terms of Use apply to and are incorporated in this Privacy Policy by reference. You may review the Terms of Use here.

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