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Brain Wellness and Lifestyle Program

A comprehensive and holistic approach to maximizing brain health. Join our programs to optimize your brain health.

The Lifestyle Program at Pacific Brain Health Center offers a multimodal approach to optimizing brain health by providing integrated and holistic care. For those seeking clinical care for disease as well as those looking to preserve, improve and enhance cognitive fitness, our cross-platform programs are personalized for each patient.

Healthy Aging

Even with healthy aging, we can expect minor but noticeable declines in several types of cognitive function. Enjoy greater longevity by taking a proactive approach to improving overall health, identifying cognitive changes, and intervening to optimize cognitive function and maximize quality of life. Learn more

Vital Minds

Memory training and lifestyle choices to prevent cognitive decline and/or stabilize cognitive loss due to mild cognitive impairment (MCI). Learn more.

Memory Care

Memory training, mind-body connection/fitness, and support for individuals and couples dealing with cognitive decline, such as dementia. Learn more.

Nutrition and Health Coaching

Our Lifestyle Program dietician and memory trainer offers virtual (only) health coaching to individuals. Each session is one hour and can be scheduled as needed (1x / week, 1x / month, 1x / quarter). These sessions are dedicated to optimizing all elements of a person’s lifestyle including nutrition, physical activity, sleep, and stress management, to improve brain health.

  • Single Nutrition Consultation: $200
  • 6-Session Pack: $150/session
  • 12-Session Pack: $100/session 


FitBrainSM is a unique program that combines cognitive training and exercise simultaneously during supervised, 1 hour sessions with a qualified FitBrain instructor. The FitBrain instructor customizes the cognitive challenges and movements based upon the participant needs. FitBrain sessions utilize innovative technology and can be delivered in-person, virtually, privately, or within a group. The FitBrain program was developed based upon scientific research with active videogames and cognitive-motor dual-tasking, both of which have demonstrated the ability to improve cognition, mood and physical abilities in a variety of populations.

Roadmap to Brain Wellness

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Our Team

Our memory, nutrition, and exercise specialists include:

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