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A comprehensive and holistic approach to maximizing brain health. Join our programs to optimize your brain health.

The Lifestyle Program at Pacific Neuroscience Institute offers a multimodal educational approach to optimize brain wellness by providing integrated and holistic guidance on how to preserve, improve and enhance cognitive fitness. Our cross-platform programs are personalized for each client. 

Healthy Aging

Even with healthy aging, we can expect minor but noticeable declines in several types of cognitive function. Enjoy greater longevity by taking a proactive approach to improving overall health, identifying cognitive changes, and intervening to optimize cognitive function and maximize quality of life. Learn more.

Programs We Offer:

Roadmap to Brain Wellness Consult

During this consultation, you and leading national expert Karen Miller, PhD, will discuss your brain health goals and create a Roadmap to Brain Wellness to ensure optimal brain functioning. A Roadmap to Brain Wellness Consult entails a customized package of our Lifestyle programs to ensure we are catering to your specific brain health needs.   

This opportunity allows for an individual/couple/family to sit down with Dr. Miller for a personal memory education consult to discuss the current status of cognitive functioning and to outline an overall roadmap plan for brain health goals. For example, some individuals may want to do a combination of FitBrainSM, nutrition consults, Vital MindsSM, and/or additional consults with Dr. Miller. We will customize and tailor the appropriate educational program for each client. 


Designed for all individuals motivated to preserve their brain health, FitBrain is a unique program that combines cognitive training and exercise simultaneously. During supervised, 1-hour sessions, you’ll work with FitBrain instructor, Ryan Glatt, MS, CPT, NBC-HWC. Ryan customizes the cognitive challenges and movements based upon the participant’s needs, and in conjunction with their physician.  

FitBrain sessions utilize innovative technology and are offered individually, in-person, virtually, privately, or within a group. The FitBrain program was developed based upon scientific research with active video games and cognitive-motor dual-tasking, both of which have demonstrated the ability to improve cognition, mood and physical abilities in a variety of populations. 

Vital MindsSM

Memory training education and lifestyle choices to optimize brain health and stabilize cognitive decline.  

This interactive class teaches important memory training strategies and reviews critical lifestyle choices aimed at improving or stabilizing overall memory functioning for those experiencing normal aging or cognitive decline. Learn more.

Memory Care

Memory training, mind-body connection/fitness, and guidance for both individuals experiencing memory loss (early stages of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia) and for their loved one or care partner. You’ll learn: 

  • Memory techniques 
  • Stress-reduction strategies 
  • New ways to stimulate the mind and body 
  • Support for care partners 

Memory Care is offered as both a group or individual format, available both in- person and virtually. Learn more. 

Lifestyle Coaching

Our Lifestyle Program educators offer virtual only health coaching to individuals. Each session is 1 hour and can be scheduled as needed (1x / week, 1x / month, 1x / quarter). These sessions are dedicated to optimizing all elements of a person’s lifestyle including nutrition, physical activity, sleep, and stress management, to improve brain wellness. 

Explore Lifestyle Coaching with Registered Dietician & Senior Nutrition and Health Educator, Molly Rapozo, MS, RDN, CD or Senior Brain Health Coach & FitBrain instructor, Ryan Glatt, MS, CPT, NBC-HWC. Nutrition and FitBrain are available 1-on-1 for a single session or a series of sessions. Brain Health Optimization is offered as a group course. Learn more.

Brain Health Boosters

Brain Health Boosters are offered free of charge to PNI patients and to members of the larger Los Angeles community (e.g. senior centers). These 90-minute interactive presentations focus on relevant topics such as nutrition for better brain health, and overall longevity goals. Each presentation includes both essential, science-based education and cognitive training exercises (whole brain workout). 

Our Team

Our expert memory, nutrition, and exercise educators include:

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