Brain Wellness &

Learn how to preserve your memory and brain function with the
Brain Wellness & Lifestyle Program. We offer in person and virtual
courses led by brain health experts.


Concerns We Address

The Brain Wellness & Lifestyle Program addresses a wide range of brain health
concerns and challenges, including:

Age-related memory loss

Offering strategies to enhance memory and mental agility, focusing on nutrition, exercise, and cognitive activities.

Long COVID or brain fog

Providing therapies and lifestyle changes to improve cognitive clarity and manage Long COVID symptoms.

Mild cognitive impairment

Early intervention with cognitive training and lifestyle recommendations to slow progression and maintain mental function.

Dementia & Alzheimer’s disease

Maximizing quality of life with evidence-based interventions, caregiver support, and resources for these conditions.

Other neurodegenerative conditions

Specialized care plans emphasizing symptom management and holistic well-being for various neurodegenerative diseases, including Parkinson's.

Family history of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease

Preventive strategies including lifestyle modifications and regular monitoring for those at increased risk.

5 Core Pillars for Cognitive Wellness

Employing science-based interventions, our experts focus on the fundamental pillars for optimal brain function.

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    Discover science-based nutrition habits associated with improved cognitive function and decreased dementia risk.

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    Learn key memory training techniques to enhance short-term memory and address everyday memory challenges.

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    Enhance brain health with proven sleep habits that boost memory and remove harmful toxins from the brain.

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    Incorporate science-based stress reduction techniques to enhance cognitive resilience and protect against damage and disease.

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    Prevent cognitive decline and dementia with exercise education and innovative cognitive fitness training.


In-person & virtual options available

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