Jennifer Bramen PhD

Jennifer Bramen, PhD

Senior Program Manager of Clinical Research, Brain Health Center

Jennifer Bramen, PhD is a neuroscientist, researcher and brain-based coach. She holds a PhD in Neuroscience from UCLA and is currently the Senior Program Manager of Clinical Research at the Pacific Brain Health Center at Pacific Neuroscience Institute located at Providence Saint John’s Health Center. She is passionate about translating innovative research into real clinical practice. Many of today’s most promising interventions involve lifestyle changes, which are challenging. For this reason, she is focused on developing Brain-Based Coaching as a clinical tool.

Dr. Bramen conducted per predoctoral work at the Center on Aging. There she focused on the early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s and treatments for cognitive decline. After receiving her doctorate, she completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the Laboratory of Neuroimaging where she conducted a longitudinal study on the effect of changing hormones on brain tissue size.

Dr. Bramen’s experience in both academia and private industry give her a unique set of talents across neuroimaging, research and project management. Her extensive human research experience includes a Phase 0 clinical trial while acting as project manager and data scientist for SMRTIMAGE. She has made significant contributions in the field of neuroimaging, conducting innovative research into advancing neuroimaging techniques while at UCLA’s Center of Cognitive Neuroimaging and teaching courses at the Neuroimaging Training Program. She has published work on real-time analysis of fMRI, reading mental states from brain imaging data and helped developed a computer assisted diagnosis tool to improve the diagnostic power of clinical EEG.

In addition to conducting scientific research, Dr. Bramen is a brain-based coach.  Brain health is the cornerstone of her coaching program. She has created her own techniques to help people make goal-directed life changes by merging neuroscience with existing coaching tools, and delivers her individualized brain-based coaching program to individuals on an ongoing basis.

Moving forward as the senior program manager at Pacific Brain Health Center, a critical part of her role is to develop and research a clinical coaching program. Many lifestyle changes are thought to prevent cognitive decline. The goal of Pacific Brain Health Center’s coaching program is to increase the success of patients while adopting a new lifestyle.