About Brain Wellness & Lifestyle Program

Brain Wellness & Lifestyle Program

An evidence-based approach to optimize your memory and brain health. 

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The Brain Wellness & Lifestyle Program at Pacific Neuroscience Institute® offers personalized and evidence-based guidance to optimize cognitive fitness and preserve memory.

Whether you are currently experiencing memory loss, or simply seeking proactive education, the Lifestyle Program strategically intervenes to maximize quality of life.  

We offer virtual and in-person options, as well as individual and group settings, to suit your preferences and convenience.

Cognitive Concerns We Address

The Brain Wellness & Lifestyle Program addresses a wide range of cognitive concerns and challenges, including:

  • Age-related memory loss  
  • Long COVID or brain fog 
  • Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI)  
  • Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease 
  • Other neurodegenerative conditions  
  • Family history of dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease 

5 Key Factors for Enhanced Brain Health 

Collage featuring images of the 5 key factors for enhanced brain health: memory, nutrition, exercise, stress, and sleep

1. Memory

Strengthen your cognition with science-based memory strategies. Learn key memory training techniques to enhance short-term memory and address everyday memory challenges. 

2. Nutrition 

Implement a brain-healthy diet through personalized nutrition education and coaching. Discover science-based nutrition habits associated with improved cognitive function and decreased dementia risk. 

3. Stress 

Optimize your brain health by reducing chronic stress. The Lifestyle Program provides science-based stress reduction techniques to enhance cognitive resilience and protect against damage and disease. ‘

4. Exercise 

Enhance cognition and prevent age-related cognitive decline and dementia with physical activity. The Lifestyle Program offers exercise education and innovative cognitive fitness training for optimal brain health. 

5. Sleep 

Improve your memory and cognition with evidence-based sleeping habits. Adequate sleep allows slow waves to enhance memory consolidation and clear harmful toxins from the brain. 

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Brain Wellness & Lifestyle Program Information  

For more information, please contact:  
213-344-2037  | Lifestyle@pacificneuro.org 
1301 20th St, Santa Monica, CA 90404 

Please note that the Lifestyle Program is currently not covered by insurance.