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September 7, 2022

Brain Wellness & Lifestyle Program Launches at PNI

by PNI Experts

Pacific Neuroscience Institute’s memory training programs for aging well are available in Los Angeles, Ca.

September 7, 2022, SANTA MONICA – Pacific Neuroscience Institute (PNI) today announced the launch of the Lifestyle program. The program is an innovative mix of memory training, exercise and nutrition-based curricula focused on improving short-term memory, attention, and executive skills in older adults. Karen Miller, PhD, a leading national expert in the areas of memory and cognitive training heads up the program as the Senior Director, Brain Wellness & Lifestyle.

Brain Wellness and Lifestyle Programs include the following:

  • Memory Care Group: a specialized memory training, fitness program, and support group for couples experiencing cognitive decline; meets in person for 3-hours a week.
  • Vital MindsSM Class: a memory training and healthy lifestyle program class for those experiencing normal aging or mild cognitive impairment; meets in person for 4 weeks.
  • Memory Training One-on-One: individuals may opt to do memory care and memory fitness with 1:1 sessions, offered both in person and virtually; available for individuals with normal aging concerns, mild cognitive impairment, or dementia.
  • Roadmap to Brain Wellness: a personalized cognitive and physical assessment followed by a “roadmap” that offers an individualized plan for improving memory and overall brain health.

About Dr. Karen Miller

Karen Miller PhD

With almost thirty years of experience in memory education, Dr. Karen Miller joined PNI in August 2022 as Senior Director, Brain Wellness & Lifestyle at the Pacific Brain Health Center.

A Tucson, Arizona native, Dr. Miller trained as a clinical neuropsychologist with a focus on memory education and is an expert at identifying what variables contribute to cognitive decline. Prior to joining PNIF, Dr. Miller served as a Health Science Clinical Professor at the UCLA Medical School, where she also oversaw the organization of the pre-PhD Psychology trainees as Director of Practicum Training.

As a researcher and nationally recognized memory specialist, Dr. Miller focuses on preclinical markers for those who may be at risk of cognitive decline. Using a personalized approach, Dr. Miller’s mission is to intervene in the early stages of cognitive decline to improve quality of life.

“We are preparing our clients with a toolkit of memory training techniques and education information that will help them carry out and apply these everyday lifestyle changes in order to age well.”

Karen Miller, PhD

At UCLA, Dr. Miller worked closely with the Geriatric Psychiatry faculty, including Dr. Gary Small, in terms of research, which focused on clinical trials and brain imaging research focused on early detection of cognitive decline. This research then informed the development of numerous programs for cognitive decline, which have since been licensed and implemented all over the United States.

Her approach is client-centric, focusing on how individual strengths have changed due to normal aging and cognitive decline. “This allows me to take a very personal view of where this person’s strengths are and what is still preserved. We can then intervene exactly in specific ways to improve cognitive functioning,” Dr. Miller said.

Meet the Brain Wellness & Lifestyle Team

Participants in the Lifestyle program will learn about memory training, nutrition, and combined physical and cognitive fitness (dual tasking).

How to enroll in the Brain Wellness & Lifestyle Program

To learn more about eligibility and participation, visit the Lifestyle program. We are dedicated to improving brain health and preventing cognitive decline.

Voicemail for Lifestyle Program: 213-344-2037

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