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Women exercising
June 29, 2020

Medical Recommendations for Exercise in People with Multiple Sclerosis

by Zara Jethani

A new paper co-authored by multiple sclerosis neurology specialist, Dr. Barbara Giesser, was published April 23, 2020, in Multiple Sclerosis Journal.

ACS Chemical Neuroscience cover
June 20, 2020

When a Good Protein Goes Bad: Cdk5’s Role in Neurodegenerative Disease

by Venkata Yenugonda

Neurodegenerative disease is a broad term for a range of conditions which mostly affect neurons in the human brain. Currently, 5 million Americans suffer from Alzheimer's disease; 1 million from Parkinson's disease; and 30,000 from Huntington's disease.

Alzheimer's disease and creativity
June 14, 2020

Music and Art Therapies May Help Alzheimer’s Patients

by Jennifer Bramen

Creative activities are powerful tools for promoting brain health in all people. They reduce stress, build emotional resilience, and provide healthy brain stimulation. All together, activities like playing music, painting, drawing, and building things will help promote a sharper, happier mind at all ages. Creative...

Menopause & Alzheimer's disease banner
June 7, 2020

Is There a Connection Between Menopause and Alzheimer’s Disease?

by Jack Hodes

A gender disparity exists in the disproportionate number of women diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease (AD) dementia. Data indicate that almost two-thirds of individuals living with AD in the United States are women.

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June 1, 2020

A Discussion About Social Isolation during COVID-19

by Guest Author

In the midst of the COVID-19 global pandemic, another hidden public health crisis has emerged: loneliness.

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May 26, 2020

A Hot Topic: The Effects of Heat in Persons with Multiple Sclerosis

by Barbara Giesser

It has long been observed that most persons with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) are very sensitive to the effects of overheating.

AI images over a woman's face
May 18, 2020

Using AI as an Early Detector of Cognitive Decline

by Zara Jethani

Pacific Neuroscience Institute’s Pacific Brain Health Center, an outpatient clinic of the Providence Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, CA, is the site for an IRB approved study from Evoke Neuroscience.

May 6, 2020

One Easy Way For Older Adults To Boost Brain Health and Stay “Safer At Home”

by Jennifer Bramen

The World Health Organization says we all need to boost mental health during these stressful times. Mental health has a critical effect on immune functioning. But in a world where routines are limited, and fear and uncertainty abound, how do we cope?

brain illustration with plant growing
May 4, 2020

Here We Grow Again – Expanding Brain Health Services in Southern California

by Zara Jethani

Pacific Brain Health Center expands to provide necessary services for more patients.

Older man and caregiver
April 27, 2020

Resources For Dementia Caregivers During Covid-19

by Zara Jethani

Being a caregiver for someone who has dementia during the COVID-19 health crisis can add anxiety to daily life. Find out how to cope.

Last updated: April 30th, 2020