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June 5, 2023

Innovations in Endoscopic Surgery for Pituitary Tumors

by Daniel F. Kelly

Named among the nation’s top 50 neurology and neurosurgery centers, Pacific Neuroscience Institute (PNI)'s pituitary experts are at the forefront of research in the advancement of treatment and follow-up care for pituitary diseases. Daniel F. Kelly, MD, MD, Co-Founder of PNI and recipient of the Southern California Super Doctors Distinction for 15 years, discusses innovations in pituitary and brain tumor treatment.

Treating Brain Tumors | Dr. Daniel F. Kelly
May 31, 2023

42. Treating Brain Tumors – Guest Podcast | Dr. Daniel F. Kelly

by Anthony Effinger

Brain tumors don't get the same amount of attention as the other types of cancers. But they are still very important to talk about. Dr. Daniel F. Kelly is a neurosurgeon and founder of Pacific Neuroscience Institute. Listen in to learn about Daniel's non-linear path to becoming a neurosurgeon. You'll also hear how the Pacific Neuroscience Institute uses keyhole surgery to reduce the amount of time patients need to stay in the hospital.

Brain Tumor Awareness Month Providence Press Release - Blog Feature Image
May 30, 2023

United Against Brain Tumors | Pacific Neuroscience Institute and Providence Saint John’s Host May Awareness Events

by Guest Author

Pacific Neuroscience Institute and Providence Saint John's observe Brain Tumor Awareness Month. Join our upcoming events to support patients and their loved ones.

May 25, 2023

Care Partner Series: Incontinence Management

by Guest Author

Mariah Mohotz, BSN, RN, OCN, Nurse Navigator at the Pacific Brain Tumor Center, reviews methods of incontinence management, safe handling if a family member is taking chemotherapy, and more. This is part of a "How To" video series for our families, specifically focused on care partners.

May 11, 2023

Optune: Revolutionizing Treatment for Glioblastoma Patients | Janice’s Journey

by Brianna Rauchman

Follow Janice's journey with brain cancer and her participation in the Optune clinical trial. Discover the innovative Tumor Treating Fields (TTF) therapy and how it effectively balances tumor treatment with quality of life. Gain expert insights from neuro-oncologist Akanksha Sharma, MD.

brain tumor awareness month 2023
April 28, 2023

Go Gray in May: Brain Tumor Awareness Month 2023

by Amelia Garrison

May is Brain Tumor Awareness Month. This year, we celebrate practicing resilience, gratitude, and self-care. Join Pacific Neuroscience Institute for a series of in-person and virtual special events.

April 4, 2023

23 Years of Remission: A Cushing’s Patient Shares Their Story

by Sharmyn McGraw

Sharmyn McGraw, a patient advocate at Pacific Neuroscience Institute, reflects on 23 years of Cushing's remission after treatment at the Pituitary Disorders Center. Learn more about PNI’s Pituitary Patient Support Group, the longest-running support group of its kind in the country, which celebrates 22 years of providing patient support and education.

March 28, 2023

Psychedelic-assisted Therapy Using Ketamine for Cancer Patients

by PNI Experts

Cancer patients may find relief from mental anguish with ketamine-assisted therapy available at Saint John’s Health Center and Pacific Neuroscience Institute ® (PNI).

Thoughtful patient
March 21, 2023

When A Meningioma Invades The Brain

by Zara Jethani

A grateful patient tells her story of meningioma surgery and care with Dr. Daniel Kelly at Pacific Neuroscience Institute®. The growing benign brain tumor was dismissed by other providers until it started causing severe problems. Read Brenda's story.

February 28, 2023

Ashley’s Brain Tumor Journey: The Power of Personalized Care

by Brianna Rauchman

Read the inspiring story of Ashley, who faced a brain cancer diagnosis after a sudden seizure. Learn how her customized treatment plan at Pacific Neuroscience Institute® helped her manage the tumor and recover her health.

Last updated: May 20th, 2023