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CME Integrating lifestyle strategies for neurologic disease
October 27, 2021

Integrating Lifestyle Strategies into the Care of Neurologic Disease – Brain Health CME Course

by Zara Jethani

Pacific Neuroscience Institute announces an exciting brain health CME course for practicing clinical professionals. Registration is open.

October 22, 2021

Susan’s Story: Confronting Alzheimer’s Disease

by Zara Jethani

Susan had watched the heart-wrenching journey of her mother’s Alzheimer’s disease. After finding out that she was genetically predisposed, she adopted lifestyle changes with the help of Dr. David Merrill at PNI’s Pacific Brain Health Center.

Migraines Dr. Dorothy Dada
October 20, 2021

The Mystery of Migraines and How to Treat Them | Dr. Dorothy Dada

by Anthony Effinger

If you’ve never had a migraine headache, you are lucky. Sufferers say the pain alone is wretched, and there are a host of other awful symptoms. Listen to this episode of Think Neuro to learn how experts like Dr. Dorothy Dada are tackling this debilitating—and all too common—ailment.

Parotid Tumor treatment
October 15, 2021

Sharmyn’s Story: Suffering with a Facial Tumor Ends

by Amelia Garrison

After suffering with intermittent facial swelling for several years, Sharmyn finally sought help from PNI's Head & Neck surgeon, Chester Griffiths, MD.

'The Scream' by Edvard Munch
October 1, 2021

October is Facial Pain Awareness Month

by Garni Barkhoudarian

An estimated 39 million people on the US have some degree of facial pain including TMJ dysfunction and notoriously painful Trigeminal Neuralgia. Read about these painful syndromes and available medical and surgical treatment options.

Last updated: November 19th, 2021