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35. The Practice of Neurosurgery - Guest Podcast | Dr. Daniel Kelly
December 21, 2022

The Practice of Neurosurgery – Guest Podcast | Dr. Daniel Kelly

by Anthony Effinger

In this episode of the High-Tech And Neuro Disorders (HAND) podcast from undergrad students at UCLA, hosts Jacob and Hugo interview world-renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Daniel Kelly, director and one of the founders of Pacific Neuroscience Institute.
They run the gamut of topics from tips and tricks of being a doctor and neurosurgeon, to brain and pituitary surgery, to the expansion of PNI into the study of psychedelic-assisted clinical trials for many kinds of mental health and behavioral disorders.

December 19, 2022

PNI Study Links Muscular Strength and Mobility to Brain Health

by Guest Author

Results from a clinical research study co-authored by physicians and scientists at the Pacific Neuroscience Institute ® (PNI) at Providence Saint John’s Health Center indicate a correlation between two modifiable risk factors – muscular strength and mobility – and brain atrophy among persons with Alzheimer’s disease.

December 13, 2022

PNI Publishes First-Ever Paper on Psychedelics in Neurosurgery and Neuro-oncology Literature

by PNI Experts

After a decades-long pause, psychedelics are once again being investigated for their transdiagnostic treatment potential. Discover the future of psychedelics in neurosurgery and neuro-oncology with experts from Pacific Neuroscience Institute ® (PNI).

December 6, 2022

PNI Receives Nation’s Highest Doctor Awards 2023

by Amelia Garrison

A total of 30 Pacific Neuroscience Institute doctors, that's 3 out of 4 PNI Medical Group physicians and PNI affiliated physicians, received a Super Doctor or Rising Star award.

Last updated: August 9th, 2023