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PNI Think Neuro Podcast
April 4, 2020

Announcing the New Think Neuro Podcast

by Zara Jethani

We’re excited to introduce the new Think Neuro podcast from Pacific Neuroscience Institute!

The podcast takes you on a journey into the mind and into the clinic, operating room and laboratory with doctors and surgeons who are tackling the most challenging brain diseases and disorders.

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About The Think Neuro Podcast

The Think Neuro podcast from Pacific Neuroscience Institute takes you deep into the brain and beyond, exploring the neurological processes and structures that control our health, hormones, behaviors, movements, moods, and emotions. You’ll learn about new therapies that are giving hope for sufferers of the most challenging diseases, and you’ll hear about some habits you can develop to keep your brain in good working order for years to come. You’ll find out why patients from around the world are coming to Pacific Neuroscience Institute for novel treatments that are in many instances, available at few other institutions.

In each episode, we talk with one of PNI’s world-class experts and learn how they are tackling the hardest issues in brain science and disease. We’ll take you down narrow passages, past the delicate structures that control our bodies and minds, to remove tumors deep inside the brain. We’ll see how modified lifestyles, new behaviors and compounds are helping people live better, longer, more productive levels.

About Anthony Effinger

Anthony Effinger

Think Neuro host Anthony Effinger is an award-winning health journalist who is fascinated with neuroscience and the workings of the brain.

He won 1st Place in the 2006 Awards for Excellence in Health Care Journalism, from the Association of Health Care Journalists, for Playing the Odds, a piece on the various strategies used to treat prostate cancer.

Join Us

Join us each time for a new episode and learn how some of the best minds in medicine are caring for the most complex structures in the human body. If you enjoy the podcast, please subscribe to it and please share it with a friend. And leave us a review wherever you listen to your podcasts.

Thank you for joining us.

About the Author

Zara Jethani, MS, MBA

Zara Jethani

Zara is the marketing director at Pacific Neuroscience Institute. Her background is in molecular genetics research and healthcare marketing. In addition, she is a graphic designer with more than 20 years experience in the healthcare, education and entertainment industries.

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