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August 7, 2019

Dr. Santosh Kesari Joins The BrainMind Ecosystem

by Zara Jethani

Santosh Kesari, MD, PhD, has been granted membership into the BrainMind ecosystem. Called “The smartest collective thinking about the brain”, BrainMind is the first and only interdisciplinary community in this field.

Santosh Kesari, MD, PhD
Santosh Kesari, MD, PhD

Dr. Kesari is a expert neurologist and neuro-oncologist and is Director of Neuro-oncology at Pacific Neuroscience Institute. He is Chair and Professor, Department of Translational Neurosciences and Neurotherapeutics, Saint John’s Cancer Institute, and he also leads the Pacific Neuroscience Research Center at Pacific Neuroscience Institute.

Dr. Kesari’s peers at BrainMind share two things: passion for the BrainMind space and significant leadership in their respective careers. They will be applying these hard-earned skills to accelerate the discovery of breakthroughs in brain science and translate them from the lab to all people. Ecosystem members include Nobel, Kyoto, and Breakthrough prize-winning scientists, impact-focused serial entrepreneurs, leaders in venture capital and private equity, the most prolific philanthropists in neuroscience and mental health, BRAIN Initiative leaders, award-winning journalists, Olympic medalists, internationally recognized artists, and senior executives of the most influential biotech companies.

While collaborating with this group at special invitation-only Summits at Stanford and MIT, and monthly salons hosted by Ecosystem members, Dr. Kesari will help move forward the guiding principles and major initiatives of BrainMind.

Ecosystem is sponsored by Bo Shao of the Evolve Foundation, Reid Hoffman and David Sze of Greylock Partners, Wesley Chan of Felicis Partners, and Josh Koppelman of First Round Capital, along with collaboration from the MIT Media Lab, Stanford’s Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, the MIT Picower Institute for Learning Memory, and the MIT McGovern Institute for Brain Research.

In his letter, Reid Hoffman, Chair of the BrainMind Advisory Board said, “We welcome you as a contributing member of this community. The only ongoing requirement is your brilliance and creativity.”

Adapted from invitation, August 5, 2019.

About the Author

Zara Jethani, MS, MBA

Zara Jethani

Zara is the marketing director at Pacific Neuroscience Institute. Her background is in molecular genetics research and healthcare marketing. In addition, she is a graphic designer with more than 20 years experience in the healthcare, education and entertainment industries.

Last updated: August 13th, 2019