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Dr. Harvey Cushing
April 8, 2016

Happy Birthday, Dr. Cushing!

by Sharmyn McGraw

Celebrate Cushing’s Awareness Day! Founded on April 8th to honor Neurosurgeon Harvey Cushing born on this date in 1869, Cushing’s name is commonly associated with his most famous discovery, Cushing’s disease. In a 1912 study, he reported an endocrinological syndrome caused by a malfunction of the pituitary gland which he termed “polyglandular syndrome.” He published his findings in 1932 as “The Basophil Adenomas of the Pituitary Body and Their Clinical Manifestations: Pituitary Basophilism”. In 1915, before the Clinical Congress of Surgeons in Boston, he showed the possibility of influencing stature by operating on the pituitary gland.

Harvey Cushing Book CoverIn 1939, the Harvey Cushing Society published a book, Harvey Cushing’s Seventieth Birthday Party April 8, 1939: speeches, letters, tributes.

Check out this great article called Harvey Cushing: Father of Modern Neurosurgery.

I personally thank Dr. Cushing for his dedication to science. I also thank my endocrinologist, Dr. Pejman Cohan, and neurosurgeon, Dr. Daniel Kelly, for my 16 years in remission from Cushing’s disease. I believe Dr. Cushing would be extremely proud of the amazing work Dr. Kelly and his team do at the Pacific Brain Tumor Center to help Cushing’s patients.

About the Author

Sharmyn McGraw

Sharmyn McGraw

Sharmyn McGraw is a patient advocate, charismatic professional speaker and published author. She has first-hand experience as a Cushing’s disease survivor and often collaborates with nationally-recognized neuro-endocrine experts, sharing the speaker’s platform while educating patients and doctors about neuroendocrine hormonal disorders and their impact on our health as a nation. Sharmyn facilitates the largest pituitary patient support group in the country for the Pacific Neuroscience Institute.

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