Millions of people suffer from a deviated septum, sometimes associated with narrowing of the nasal passageways. This condition leads to chronic dry mouth, increased snoring, decreased exercise tolerance, and diminished overall quality of life.

A septorhinoplasty procedure is an effective way to open the nasal passages by straightening the septum, which can be done with or without external changes to the nose.

The happy patient in the photograph above is a 20 year old with bulbous, droopy tip with thicker skin. She had also broken her nose in the past and was unable to breathe through her nose. The before and after images demonstrate the results of an open septorhinoplasty procedure to improve the nasal tip, bring down the bump on the bridge of her nose, and straighten the nose. The septum was straightened and turbinates (scrolled spongy bones of the nasal passages) were shrunk at the same time for excellent nasal breathing.

This procedure is usually covered, at least in part, by most private insurance companies. One week off work is recommended after the procedure for recovery. With new 3D digital morphing software, it is possible to communicate with your surgeon to see what your nose will look like after the procedure.

Kian Karimi

Kian Karimi, MD, FACS is board certified in Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery and is fellowship-trained in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He maintains an active private practice in at Pacific Eye & Ear Specialists and is a staff physician at Providence Saint John’s Health Center. He is the Medical Director of Rejuva Medical Aesthetics and of CosmoFrance Inc.