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December 7, 2020

Everything Parkinson’s Webinar Series: Introduction

by Giselle Tamula


New webinar series for Parkinson’s disease

The Pacific Movement Disorders Center kicked off its new monthly Everything Parkinson’s webinar series.  

The first lecture in the series “Introduction to Parkinson’s Disease, Overview of Current Knowledge” was given by Movement Disorders specialist Dr. Natalie Diaz.  

Dr. Diaz provided a broad overview for the Parkinson’s community on the clinical spectrum of Parkinson’s disease, risk factors and causes, and new directions in disease modifying treatments and fielded questions from the audience.  

The Pacific Movement Disorders Center will be hosting monthly webinar events over the next year featuring its specialists and care team providers on various topics in Parkinson’s disease.

About Dr. Natalie Diaz

Natalie Diaz, MD

Natalie Diaz, MD, is a board-certified neurologist with fellowship training in movement disorders. Her clinical practice focuses on the evaluation and management of patients with Parkinson’s disease, atypical Parkinsonism disorders, Huntington’s disease and other choreiform disorders, dystonia, and ataxia.

About the Author

Giselle Tamula NP

Giselle Tamula

Giselle Therese U. Tamula, MSN, NP-C, is a certified nurse practitioner with extensive clinical experience. A dedicated caregiver, she brings her competent and compassionate care of patients to the Pacific Movement Disorders Center at Pacific Neuroscience Institute.

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