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Grateful Patient Stories

Brain Hemorrhage

Jia Photo

It was in the afternoon around 5pm I was at work when I started to feel dizzy and disoriented, followed by vision loss and loss of consciousness. Luckily my coworkers quickly called for an ambulance. I was rushed to Providence Saint John’s Health Center emergency room and underwent brain surgery the next morning.

I had suffered a brain hemorrhage and was treated by Dr. Barkhoudarian and his team using the BrainPath device to remove the blood clot from my brain. During this surgery, the culprit arteriovenous malformation was identified and removed successfully. I woke up in the evening with my vision back.

I was lucky that it was caught quickly and for the great doctors that treated me with the advanced technology to have very minimal damage. I stayed in St John’s for 4 days and then went through routine rehabilitation. All the doctors, nurses, therapists and staff were great to me during my stay and I am so grateful to be one of the first several patients to receive treatment with the new technology which allowed me to recover quickly. I have had follow-up MRIs and appointments and each time the visits are great. I just want to say thank you to all the staff at Saint Johns for their help in my speedy recovery.

– Jia