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TreatmentGenomic Brain Tumor Sequencing

We are striving to learn more about brain, skull base and pituitary tumors through leading-edge genomic & proteomic sequencing.

LaboratoryThrough collaborations with Dr. Dave Hoon, Director of Molecular Oncology at John Wayne Cancer Institute, and Dr. Santosh Kesari, Director or Translational Neuro-oncology, we can perform detailed genomic and proteomic analysis on all brain tumors including Next Generation Sequencing, microRNA profiling, and proteomic analyses. We also use advanced methods such as circulating tumor cells and circulating tumor DNA. In addition. we can facilitate sending tumor tissue and blood specimens to other institutions and commercial companies for specific biomarker analysis, whole genome sequencing and to search for specific tumor markers.

Our goal is to characterize the genetic and molecular changes that occur in individual brain tumors, determine which genes are driving these tumors and find out what enables them to become resistant to treatments such as radiation therapy, chemotherapy and immunotherapies.

When the unique molecular characteristics of each patient’s tumor are determined, we can select the most appropriate targeted treatment based on these molecular and genetic abnormalities. This tailoring of treatment to each person gives us the greatest chance of achieving tumor remission and hopefully a cure. In some instances, what we learn from sequencing a tumor will lead to an established treatment and in others it will lead to clinical trial options.

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