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Eligibility for Clinical Trials

If you believe you are experiencing a medical or life-threatening emergency Call 911 immediately.

Do not rely on communication through this website for urgent medical needs.

If you are interested in participating in a clinical trial please contact us.

Each of our clinical trials targeting pituitary disorders and brain tumor clinical trials have specific eligibility criteria and treatment protocols. These criteria are usually based on age, sex, type of tumor, medical history, and current health status. Trial participation typically requires the ability to travel to our Pacific Neuroscience Institute.

Your answers to the questionnaire below will allow our clinical staff to determine which of our current or upcoming trials may be appropriate for you. Don’t worry if you can’t answer all the questions. After you click the send button, our team will contact you to discuss your responses and your eligibility for our trials.

For patients who would like more information about participating in one of the current or upcoming clinical trials conducted through the Saint John’s Cancer Institute, please schedule a consultation with our healthcare professionals and trial sponsors.

Interested in participating? Please complete our form below.