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Our research at the Pacific Neuroscience Research Center seeks to integrate basic, preclinical and clinical science to improve the understanding of neurological disease biology leading to customized patient treatments and clinical trials.

Brain tumors remain a major cause of cancer-related disability and death despite advances in surgery and imaging. More than 18,000 Americans develop a brain or neurologic tumor annually and the number of patients with metastatic brain tumors continues to grow. The need for brain cancer research focused on better treatments and management strategies is acute.

By combining laboratory and clinical data, we help provide improved individually tailored therapies for patients living with malignant gliomas and other brain tumors. Equally important, we work to find patient-specific therapies that help to reduce the toxicity of treatments and improve the quality of life for patients and caregivers.

Our Integrated Neuro-oncology Research Program

Located at the Saint John’s Cancer Institute, the Pacific Neuroscience Insititute’s neuro-oncology research program spans the continuum of scientific discovery and our work helps develop more effective strategies to prevent, control, and ultimately cure brain tumors.

  1. Basic Science Research. Our basic science research program looks at brain cancer characteristics and understands why and how cells become cancerous. We explore specific aspects of how to disrupt or prevent harmful pathways in order to block cancer development. We have initiatives working on cell metabolism, molecular signaling and the use of nanotechnology in drug delivery.
  2. Preclinical Research. Studies that evaluate how results from basic research would function in preclinical models allow our researchers to help identify potential methods and therapies for use in patients. Our preclinical program includes evaluating molecular inhibitors and testing combination therapies in brain tumor development.
  3. Translational Research. We have a large number of initiatives aimed at achieving more effective standards of care for the treatment of brain tumors. Successful results developed in the research setting from these types of studies allow potential therapy candidates to move on to evaluation in clinical trials.
  4. Clinical Research. We utilize molecular diagnostics and gene expression analysis in addition to other clinical data to personalize treatment plans for each patient. Working in conjunction with the Pacific Brain Tumor Center, we combine clinical expertise with leading-edge research to gain an in-depth understanding of each patient’s individual tumor. For our patients, this partnership between physicians and research scientists means access to superior patient care and optimized treatment. In addition, we conduct ongoing clinical trials that provide more treatment options for eligible patients.
  5. Quality and Outcomes Research. Our research explores novel strategies to manage the most common symptoms in patients with brain cancers.
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