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Innovation & Technology

Our Lab’s Innovation & Technology Lead to New Cancer-Fighting Drugs

Our research has been used to help create several successful start-ups to develop pharmaceuticals for the treatment of brain cancer.


  1. Dayu Teng, Shu Chein, Santosh Kesari, Pengfei Jiang. Small Molecule Microarrays and Methods for Making and Using Them. UCSD SD2011-024, U.S. Provisional Patent 61/375,373, filed August 20, 2010. PCT: PCT/US2011/048395; WO/2012/024574 on Aug 19, 2011
  2. Anna M. Krichevsky, Nadiya M Teplyuk, Brit Mollenhauer, Santosh Kesari. Diagnosing and Monitoring CNS Malignancies Using MicroRNA. UCSD SD2012-165-1/BWH 29618-0012P01, U.S. Provisional Application Serial No. 61/457,000, filed on November 10, 2010. PCT: PCT/US2011/061047; WO/2012/068288 on Nov 16, 2011
  3. Santosh Kesari, Rajesh Mukthavaram, Milan Makale, Wolf Wrasidlo. Liposomal Encapsulation of Drugs. UCSD SD2012-176-1, U.S. Provisional Application Serial No. 61/569,146, filed on December 9, 2011. PCT: PCT/US2012/068813; WO/2013/086526
  4. Santosh Kesari, Rajesh Mukthavaram, Igor Tsigelny, Milan Makale, Wolf Wrasidlo. Novel therapeutics for brain cancers. UCSD SD2011-212, PCT International Application No. PCT/US2013/045968, filed on June 14, 2013

Start-ups founded based on our translational research