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Clinical Trials, Genomic Sequencing & Research

Clinical trials, research and tumor genomic sequencing are essential tools in understanding and treating brain cancer. We are committed to improving the lives of patients with primary and metastatic brain cancers, as well as other aggressive brain, skull base and pituitary tumors. In addition, family caregiver quality of life and outcomes research in the brain cancer setting continues to be an area of study.

Clinical Trials

Under the direction of Dr. Santosh Kesari and  Dr. Garni Barkhoudarian, we have several new and ongoing clinical trials for patients with high grade gliomas, other brain cancers, skull base tumors and pituitary adenomas. Depending upon the specifics of a patient’s tumor type, and prior treatments, the use of standard therapies, clinical trials or a combined approach of standard therapies followed by clinical trial enrollment may offer the best treatment option.

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Tumor Sequencing

Dr. Santosh Kesari, in collaboration with Dr. Dave Hoon, Director of Molecular Oncology at Saint John’s Cancer Institute, can perform detailed genomic analysis on all brain, skull base and pituitary tumors surgically removed. We can also facilitate sending tumor tissue and blood specimens to other institutions and commercial companies for specific tumor sequencing analyses, whole genome sequencing and specific tumor markers.

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