To celebrate International Brain Tumor Awareness week (October 25 – 31, 2015) and the success of so many patients, we would like to bring you the story of Roy. A resident of Rosemead, CA, Roy was diagnosed with a pituitary tumor in late 2014 and had his surgery the day before Christmas. A year later, he is in good health and shares his experience.

*  *  *

After being diagnosed with a pituitary tumor, my Endocrinologist strongly recommended I schedule an appointment with Dr. Daniel Kelly, MD, because of his expertise in the field of pituitary tumors. Dr. Daniel Kelly and his entire staff are by far the most professional, knowledgeable and caring group of doctors I have ever experienced. Dr. Kelly and Dr. Barkhoudarian, MD thoroughly educated me by showing the MRI of the tumor, its location, size and explained the procedure necessary to remove the tumor. Because I felt extremely confident with his team, I decided that very moment to have the surgery the following week which was of utmost importance to my health.

His entire staff treated me with great care. His staff scheduled all appointments for pre-op, coordinated my medical insurance and even walked me to the other floors where my pre-op tests were conducted. I was truly impressed and amazed how well this staff worked as one team. I was also as surprised when I received a phone call from the anesthesiologist the night before the surgery asking if I had any questions. I’ve never experienced this high level of care.

The surgery was a success and I am sincerely grateful to Dr. Kelly, Dr. Griffiths and his entire staff and the employees at the Providence Saint John’s Health Center Brain Tumor and Pituitary Disorder Center. I feel everyone there did something extra to make my experience a positive one. Upon every visit at the Center, everyone I came in contact with demonstrated a high level of patient satisfaction. This journey has been extraordinary and it’s only because of Dr. Kelly and his staff of professionals. This experience is what I now use as a benchmark for service culture, making each visit a positive experience!