Brain Matters Newsletter – October 2022

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In the October Brain Matters Newsletter:
- PNI Launches Brain Wellness & Lifestyle Programs
- New Cochlear Implant Program for Adults & Children
- Social Isolation May Increase Stroke & Heart Attack Risk in Older Adults
- Clinical Research for Head & Neck Tumors
- ThinkNeuro Podcast: Brain Health Dynamic Duo with Dr. Jennifer Bramen & Dr. Karen Miller
- Alzheimer's Event with John Mayer
- Save the Date: Upcoming Brain Tumor 5k
- Welcome, Alexander M. Solomon, MD!
- PNI's New Chief Administration Officer

Brain Matters Newsletter – September 2022

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In the September 2022 Brain Matters Newsletter:
- PNI Stories: PNI Goes to the Los Angeles Zoo
- Foods That Prevent Dementia
- Improving Stroke Diagnosis: PNI's Life Saving Research
- ThinkNeuro Podcast: Helping Patients and Advancing Science with Psilocybin Trial
- Brain Health Corner: Molly's Tips

Brain Matters Newsletter – August 2022

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PNI Stories:
- Focus on Glioblastoma Awareness Day, July 20
- Robot Pet Therapy Program Comforts Dementia Patients at PNI
- A Patient's Journey Through Stroke Recovery
- Treating Head & Neck Cancers | Dr. Evan Walgama
Brain Health Corner: Molly's Tips
News & Events:
- Neurology & Neurosurgery Receive Top U.S. News & World Report Ranking
- Director of Neuro-Oncology Receives Prestigious Award
- MS Summer Soiree - An Evening with the National MS Society

Brain Matters Newsletter – July 2022

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In the July Brain Matters Newsletter:
-Tips for Enjoying the 4th of July
- VR Exergames Could Offer Hope for Delaying Dementia
- Supporting Brain Health with Neuropsychology Services
- What is Ramsay Hunt Syndrome?
- Learning to Live Out Loud with Brain Cancer with Tatiana Sarkisian
- Brain Health Corner: Molly's Tips
- News & Events: Brain Tumor Webinars Featuring Our Experts, MS Summer Soiree: An Evening with the National MS Society

Brain Matters Newsletter – June 2022

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Inside the June 2022 Brain Matters Newsletter:
- A Center of Excellence Approach to Diagnosing Pituitary Disease
- Father's Day Spotlight: Dr. Griffiths, Chester Jr., and the LA Kings
- Celebrating EMS Week: Lifesaving Stroke Care at PNI
- Give the Gift of Hearing
- Think NeuroPodcast: Treating Blood Vessel Malformations in the Brain with Dr. Adi Iyer
- Brain Health Corner: Molly's Tips

May 2022 Brain Matters Newsletter

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Our May 2022 Issue:
• A Month of Brain Tumor Awareness
• How to Spot Stroke
• Fighting Dementia at Pacific Brain Health Center
• Does Hearing Loss Impact Quality of Life?
• ThinkNeuro Podcast: Tracking a Mystery Disease to the Pituitary
• Brain Health Corner
• Upcoming May Events at Pacific Neuroscience Institute

Brain Matters Newsletter – March 2022

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Pacific Neuroscience Institute Provides Top-Level Care for Retired NFL Hall of Famers
A New Treatment for Glioblastoma Patients
All-Around Care for Multiple Sclerosis
ThinkNeuro Podcast
What is Arteriovenous Malformation?
Partnership with Acoustic Neuroma Association
Upcoming Events

Brain Matters Newsletter – February 2022

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- Patient Care is #1 at PNI
- Caregiver Appreciation Dat is February 18th
- Joe's Story: How He Walked Again
- ThinkNeuro Podcast
- Dr. Geisser Receives Humanism Award for Patient Care
- A Caregiver's Story: The Fight Against Alzheimer's
- Attention Doctors! Voting Open for 2023 U.S. News & World Report Best Hospitals

Brain Matters Newsletter – January 2022

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Sharpen Your Senses for the New Year:
• What Your Vision Says About Your Health
• How Music Prevents Cognitive Decline
• ThinkNeuro Podcast
• Celebrating Our Super Doctors
• Welcome, Dr. Voelker
• Upcoming Events