Cranial rendering

Supraorbital Eyebrow Approach

The supraorbital eyebrow approach is useful for many patients with meningiomas, craniopharyngiomas and other tumors near the optic nerves and pituitary gland, as well as gliomas and metastatic brain tumors in the frontal and temporal lobes.

This versatile, minimally invasive approach minimizes normal tissue disruption and brain retraction, allowing for a more direct approach to these lesions. Occasionally, an abdominal fat graft may be necessary to seal large nasal sinus defects.

This approach is typically performed with the assistance of an endoscope, allowing for further visualization. As such, patients recover well and have good cosmetic outcomes long term.

At the Pacific Brain Tumor Center, we have extensive experience with this approach, helping pioneer this operation since its introduction.  We have published extensively on this topic.

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Last updated: April 6, 2020