Pacific Eye, Ear &
Skull Base Center

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Expert Collaborative Care in Skull Base, Sinonasal & Orbital Tumors

Pacific Eye & Ear Specialists are an integral part of Pacific Neuroscience Institute and one of Los Angeles’ premiere ENT (Otolaryngology), Audiology & Neuro-ophthalmology specialty groups.  We specialize in both Pediatric and Adult ENT disorders as well as Ophthalmological disorders of the eye and vision.  Pacific Eye & Ear Specialists have been serving Southern California and beyond with their patient-centric concierge state-of-the-art care for over a decade.

In collaboration with the Pacific Brain Tumor Center and Pacific Pituitary Disorders Center, our board certified ENT physicians (Drs. Chester Griffiths, & Kian Karimi) and Neuro-ophthalmologist (Dr. Howard Krauss), treat the following disorders related to the sinuses, skull base, eye, orbit and brain:

  • Pituitary tumors
  • Skull base and midline brain tumors
  • Sino-nasal tumors, infections and inflammatory disorders
  • Orbital tumors, optic nerve tumors and other disorders of the eye and vision

For more information about Pacific Specialists or for an appointment with Dr. Griffiths, Karimi or Krauss please contact us at: (310) 477-5558

Pacific Specialists is located at:

11645 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 600; Los Angeles, CA 90025 | Visit Our Website