Eye exam

Eyelid or Orbital Injury

Our specialists treat a wide range of eye injuries from minor to very severe.


The patient’s medical history and cause of injury greatly determine the course of action that our specialists take to treat the injury.

  • An eye exam is conducted.
  • Inspection and examination of any lacerations.
  • Orbital and sensorimotor evaluations.
  • Vision, visual function and optic nerve and retinal analyses may be performed to assess potential damage to the eye or vision.
  • Orbital ultrasonography may be performed.
  • CT scanning is often performed in office, if not already done.


Immediate treatment should be sought for the following eye injuries:

  • Chemical exposure
  • Lacerations in the eyelid, eyelid margins (eyelashes) or eyeball
  • Foreign particles that cannot be removed with gentle
  • Solar retinopathy

Surgical treatment of eyelid and orbital injuries is often helpful for restoration of normal function and appearance.

Conditions and Symptoms

  • Eyelid lacerations.
  • Orbital fracture: Pain, double vision, eyelid swelling, upper lip numbness on side of fracture, swelling and bruising around eye.
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Last updated: August 9, 2023