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Hearing & Balance Specialists in Los Angeles

The Pacific Eye, Ear & Skull Base Center has some of the most renowned ear surgeons, board certified ENT physicians and audiologists in Los Angeles working together to provide the most comprehensive, quality hearing care available.

We offer a variety of treatments for several types of ear and hearing problems, helping patients achieve better and clearer hearing. Our specialists provide evaluation and management of tinnitus, as well as other common hearing ailments such as vertigo, dizziness, and balance disorders. We specialize in the use of videonystagmography (VNG), rotational chair, and balance therapy. In addition, we offer hearing aids, including bone anchored hearing aids (BAHA) and other assistive listening devices or ALDs.

Better and clearer hearing starts here. Our expert audiologists will be happy to help you solve your hearing problems and meet your needs.

The first step is an evaluation by our physicians to determine the cause of your condition so that proper treatment options can be recommended. The physician may order hearing testing by our audiologists to aid in his diagnosis. We offer medical and surgical solutions to common ear conditions as well. Our providers are experts in treating both pediatric and adult ear disease. We have the capability to perform specialized diagnostic testing including: hearing tests, balance tests, as well as advanced testing.

Anatomy of the ear.
Anatomy Of The Ear

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