Brain scan imaging

Ventricular Reservoir Placement

Patients who require outpatient access to their ventricles or intracranial cysts, may benefit from placement of an intracranial reservoir under the skin.

Intracranial Reservoir Placement Procedure

Patients who may benefit from this reservoir include those with metastatic brain cancer (leptomeningeal carcinomatosis) who require direct injection of chemotherapy into the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF).  Alternatively, patients with intracranial cysts or cystic tumors (like craniopharyngiomas) that are refractory to surgery, may benefit from intermitted aspiration to decrease the pressure on surrounding nervous structures.

This procedure is well tolerated and can be done as an outpatient. We utilize a neuronavigation “GPS” system to place the catheter to ensure proper positioning and function.

Though infrequent, complications can occur including catheter misplacement, catheter obstruction, infection and intracranial bleeding (acute or delayed).

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Last updated: April 6, 2020