Brain Wellness &

Learn how to preserve your memory and brain function with the
Brain Wellness & Lifestyle Program. We offer in person and virtual
courses led by brain health experts.



In-person & vrtual options available

Roadmap to Brain Wellness

A personalized consultation with Karen Miller, PhD, to discuss your health goals and develop acustomized plan to address your brain health.


A combination of exercise and brain training through gamified drills addressing cognitive functioning.

Vital Minds

Focuses on memory retention strategies for individuals with subjective or mild cognitive impairment through the context of real-world situations based on published research.

Memory Care

Offers themed memory techniques, novel learning, exercise and valuable social support for persons with dementia & their care partners.

Brain Health Coaching

Evidence-based support and accountability for a brain-healthy lifestyle, including sleep, exercise, nutrition, stress management, and cognitive training.

Brain Health Booster

Brain Health Boosters are free-of-cost presentations centered around various topics in brain health, cognition, and longevity.

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In-person & vrtual options available

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