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Memory Care

Memory Care Program

Memory training, mind-body connection/fitness, and support for individuals and couples dealing with cognitive decline, such as dementia. Join a session now.

Memory Care is designed to provide cognitive stimulation for individuals who have been diagnosed with a major neurocognitive disorder or dementia, such as Alzheimer’s disease.

1. In-Person Group

Time: Tuesdays, 1 – 4 pm
Course duration: Ongoing
Location: 1301 20th St. #150, First Floor Conference Room, Santa Monica, CA 90404
Cost: $500/month, 4 sessions per month

The Memory Care group is a weekly, 3-hour program for people with early/mild dementia and their care partners. The Memory Care team and the participants/partners meet in a small group setting (5-10 pairs) at the Brain Health Center. The 3-hours include:

  • Hour 1
    Memory Training, which includes a whole-brain workout that focuses on improving short-term memory, in addition to providing exercises to stimulate executive functioning, language, visual spatial skills, and visual scanning (practical techniques for enhancing memory performance).
  • Hour 2
    Mind-Body Connection, which emphasizes fitness for the body and brain. This may include: stretching, FitBrain, yoga, or tai chi. In addition, there are art and music activities that are incorporated on select weeks.
  • Hour 3
    Team members and participants with memory loss meet in a social stimulation group with an emphasis on reminiscence and the opportunity to exercise long-term memory recall. Care partners meet with the team in their own group with the opportunity to support each other in the challenges of providing care for their loved ones with memory loss.

2. Virtual 1-on-1

Time: 1 hour/week
Course duration: Ongoing
Location: Virtual (Zoom)
Cost: $350/month, 4 sessions per month

For those who are unable to attend in-person for a 3-hour group in Santa Monica, we offer virtual Memory Care sessions. These 1-on-1 sessions are led by our health coaches and memory trainers. Participants with memory loss (mild cognitive impairment or dementia) meet virtually with the memory trainer; partner are welcome to attend. During these 1-hour weekly sessions, participants are provided cognitive stimulation through the whole-brain exercise lesson, with an emphasis on improving or stabilizing short-term memory.

Our Team

Our memory, nutrition, and exercise specialists include:

Memory Care Location

1301 20th St, #150, First Floor Conference Room
Santa Monica, CA 90404

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