Why Pacific Movement
Disorders Center?

Our Center

The Pacific Movement Disorders Center’s philosophy of caring for the whole person is an integral part of our strong commitment to individualized and holistic patient care. Our approach is focused on safety, comfort and quality of life improvement.

We provide our patients with highly specialized care to establish an accurate diagnosis, individualize medical treatment plans, and deliver functional neurosurgical treatment when appropriate.

For patients who are facing a possible diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease, we offer diagnostic certainty with the DaTscan, a leading-edge technology which measures levels of the dopamine transporter in the brain. Patients with Parkinson’s disease, essential tremor and dystonia may be candidates for deep brain stimulation (DBS) or other advanced treatment approaches. For most patients, DBS surgery can be performed using an advanced frameless approach. The system employs a custom-made mini frame that improves patients comfort during surgery and reduces the time required for the surgery therefore optimizing recovery.

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Our Team

Medical Director, Melita Petrossian, MD, a fellowship-trained neurologist completed her neurology training and her sub-specialization in movement disorders at Harvard Medical School.

Director of Restorative Neurosurgery, Jean-Philippe Langevin, MD, a fellowship-trained neurosurgeon completed his neurosurgery training and his sub-specialization in DBS surgery at University of California, Los Angeles.

Nurse Practitioner, Giselle Tamula, MSN, NP-C, has a distinguished nursing career working across several clinical disciplines.

With several years of experience in the evaluation and the treatment of movement disorder patients, our specialists ensure the highest level of care with a patient-centered approach. They offer a comprehensive opinion and a personalized recommendation for each patient, and when indicated, provide DBS as the best therapeutic strategy. Our multidisciplinary approach includes coordination with physical, occupational, and speech therapists, as well as neuropsychologists to meet the specific needs of each patient.

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The Pacific Movement Disorders Center’s state-of-the-art facility is located in the Garden Level of Providence Saint John’s Health Center. To schedule a consultation with one of our specialists, please contact us at 310-582-7433.