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Giving Tuesday 2022 at PNI

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This giving season, we are honored to share the courageous stories of people who have come to see us at Pacific Neuroscience Institute, and whose lives have been transformed by the treatment they received. PLUS a bonus TRIP video.

If you are inspired and moved to give, please support us.

#1: Hey! It’s Jackie Slater

What’s Jackie Slater doing at PNI? The former NFL player who has experienced numerous concussions came to PNI’s brain health center to get an assessment and find out about the leading edge programs that aim at staving off conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease and promoting brain health wellness and longevity.

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Dr. Daniel Kelly and Jackie Slater

#2: Remarkable results with deep brain stimulation

How two electrodes embedded in a patient’s brain saved him. When Charles was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, his severe and unusual symptoms exacerbated his restless leg syndrome which literally kept him up all night. He became a nightwalker. Deep brain stimulation (DBS) surgery transformed his quality of life and his future.

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#3: Changing your mind about psychedelics

What does it take to change your mind? Clinical trials at the Treatment & Research In Psychedelics (TRIP) program explore the effect of psychedelic-assisted therapy in treating behavioral health anguish such as anxiety, depression, or addiction, with the aim of bringing them into mainstream medicine. Philanthropy and your support make these trials possible.

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Supporting Pacific Neuroscience Institute on Giving Tuesday 2022

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The challenges our patients face are greater now than ever before. More people are affected by neurological conditions each year, from dementia to brain tumors to Parkinson’s disease. The need is urgent and PNI is at the forefront of transforming the neurosciences.

We are fueled by the generous support of friends like you who make the difference that is needed. Your donation goes directly to supporting the Pacific Neuroscience Institute and paves the way in transforming the neurosciences creating a better future for us all.

All contributions in support of PNI go through the Saint John’s Health Center Foundation, a 501 (c)(3), and are tax-deductible in accordance with state and federal law.

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