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Pacific Treatment & Research In PsychedelicsSM (TRIPSM) Center at Pacific Neuroscience Institute® is a leader in the field of psychedelic-assisted therapy clinical trials.

  • Track record as high enrolling site for psychedelic trials.
  • Part of large Providence health network for efficient study recruitment. 

TRIP, under the direction of Dr. Keith Heinzerling, is dedicated to the development of psychedelic-assisted therapies and the scientific exploration of how altered states of consciousness can be harnessed to change behavior and improve brain health and quality of life. With the combined resources of the Pacific Brain Health Center, Pacific Neuroscience Institute, Providence Saint John’s Health Center, and the Saint John’s Cancer Institute, we are equipped to carry out state-of-the art clinical trials of psychedelic therapies including investigator-initiated and industry sponsored trials.

Clinic & Clinical Trials Site: 1301 20th St #540, Santa Monica, CA 90404 (Map)

Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Clinical Trials Site

The TRIP clinic and clinical trials site opened in April 2020 on the fifth floor of the Saint John’s Medical Building in Santa Monica, California, which is also home to the Pacific Brain Health Center at Pacific Neuroscience Institute. The clinic accommodates the ketamine-assisted psychotherapy program and psychedelic-assisted clinical trials which are sponsored or investigator-initiated.

The clinic is fully equipped to perform clinical trials of psychedelic-assisted therapies with:

  • Two psychedelic dosing rooms (“trip rooms”) equipped with a couch and comfortable chairs, audio-video sound system, blood pressure/heart rate/pulse oximetry monitor, and décor designed to create a calm, supportive, and safe environment for psychedelic sessions
  • Group counseling/meditation room
  • Medical exam room with exam table, sink, ophthalmoscope/otoscope
  • Emergency resuscitation equipment including AED, oxygen, suction
  • Secure medication storage room including 1,200 pound safe equipped with alarm for schedule I controlled substance storage, a separate safe for schedule III-V substances, a locking refrigerator, and alarm system with 24/7 monitoring of camera and motion detectors. Current DEA Schedule I researcher registration active (Dr. Heinzerling)
  • Research staff work room
  • High speed internet on the secure Providence Health network with multiple workstations for data collection and EPIC EHR use
  • On-site phlebotomy, lab testing, and diagnostic studies (EKG)
  • Emergency medical services (fire and police) and Saint John’s Health Center Emergency Department one-block from clinic


The clinic is staffed by two physicians (internal medicine/addiction medicine and psychiatry), three lead therapist/psychedelic facilitators, multiple affiliated clinician psychedelic co-facilitators, medical assistants, front office staff, research coordinators and research assistants. We have five lead physician/therapist/facilitators who have completed the year-long psychedelic therapy certificate program at California Institute of Integral Studies and have hands-on experience treating patients in psychedelic clinical trials.

The staff and resources needed to support the required regulatory monitoring (IRB, FDA, DEA, RAP-C, quality assurance) are available within the Pacific Brain Health Center and/or the Saint John’s Cancer Institute.

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Pacific Brain Health Center Building

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For more information about treatment and research studies at the TRIP program please contact Dr. Heinzerling.

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