Minh Nguyen headshot

Minhdan Nguyen, MHS, PA-C

Physician Assistant, Patient Care, Neuro-oncology

Minh is part of a comprehensive care team working with Dr. Santosh Kesari to provide high quality care to patients in the neuro-oncology field. She is engaged in patient care, helping them through their difficult journey by optimizing their treatment plan while maintaining a high quality of life. Along with Dr. Kesari, Minh is involved in all aspects of treatment including consultations, follow up visits, management of treatment, imaging/lab review, patient education and family support.

Minh received her undergraduate education at UC San Diego where she received a BA in Psychology and minor in Chemistry. For graduate studies, she attended the Duke University Physician Assistant Program in North Carolina, where she received a Masters degree in Health Sciences and passed her PA Certification boards.

Minh began her career at the Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center at Duke University. There she was further trained by neuro-oncologists to provide care for patients suffering from primary brain tumors (glioblastoma, anaplastic astrocytoma, oligodendroglioma, primary CNS lymphoma, etc.). She worked there for more than 2 years gaining invaluable experience while also serving as a clinical preceptor to Duke PA students. With her education, experience, and compassion she helps to elevate patients’ journeys at the Pacific Brain Tumor Center at Providence Saint John’s Health Center.