Donna Tuttle

Donna F. Tuttle

Member, PNIF Board of Directors

Donna F. Tuttle previously served as the chair of the Saint John’s Health Center board of directors and was the past chair of the Foundation board of trustees. She has been a Saint John’s Health Center Foundation Trustee since 1994.

She owns minor league sport teams, facility management and concession companies, is managing partner of Senior Mobile Parks, and was CEO of Ayer Tuttle, an advertising company. Donna served in the Reagan Administration as Deputy Secretary and Under Secretary of Commerce, and is a board member of the Herschend Family Entertainment Co., former chair of the California Chamber, and a former member of The NCAA Foundation.

Donna received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Southern California and a graduate degree from UCLA. She is married to David Elmore and has two daughters, both born at Saint John’s. Ms Tuttle’s positive experience at Saint John’s motivated her to become involved with the Health Center.