Bjorn Lobo MD

Bjorn M. Lobo, MD | 2015

Neurosurgeon, California Neurosurgical Institute, Northridge, CA

Dr. Lobo grew up in Ohio and went to the Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine where he completed the rigorous BS/MD program, which is one of only six programs in the country that accelerates undergraduate and medical school into a six-year period. He then completed his residency in Neurological Surgery at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, one of the top four hospitals in the country. While at the Cleveland Clinic, he also completed a two-year fellowship focused on the treatment of complex brain tumors arising from the base of the skull. Spurred by his passion to be technically innovative in all aspects of skull-base surgery, Dr. Lobo then completed an additional one-year fellowship in minimally invasive and endoscopic skull base surgery at the Saint John’s Cancer Institute in Santa Monica.