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During the month of May, we are honored to share many courageous stories of people living with brain tumors, and their loved ones. Join us as we Go Gray In May for Brain Tumor Awareness.

Our 2023 theme of “Building Resilience through Gratitude & Self Care” highlights brain tumor awareness with educational and community events. Patients, loved ones, family care partners and professional caregivers share stories and information, supporting the goal of finding treatments and cures.

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#1: Janice’s spirit of resilience and hope

Watch the inspiring story of Janice, who received a glioblastoma brain cancer diagnosis in August 2021. Learn how her customized treatment plan using Optune (tumor treating fields) at the Pacific Brain Tumor Center helps manage the tumor, with a focus on her quality of life.

#2: Rising up to the challenge of being a care partner

Family care partners discuss the challenges they face during the privilege of being a caregiver to a loved one with brain tumor; the ups and downs, and what they’ve learned.

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#3: What not to say to a person with a brain tumor

Patients talk about the journey of diagnosis and treatment, navigating life, and being with others. Learn about what is helpful and what is not during this frank and heartfelt discussion.

41. What’s the Best Way to Help Someone With Brain Cancer? | A Patient Panel Discussion

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