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Grateful Patient Stories

About My Experience with a Pituitary Gland Tumor…

It was indeed a Divine Hand that led me to Providence Saint John’s Hospital 

-Jim M..

Jim McMullan

I tried various medical and metaphysical means to eliminate them, but all failed. I am usually an energetic and physically active 78 year old, but in the last 6 months I was feeling old and weak — no energy, fatigue, fainting spells and general lethargy.

I usually live up in the mountains 3 hrs. from LA. However, that day I was staying at a friend’s home in Pacific Palisades. In the morning, I fainted and my wife drove me to Saint John’s Hospital Emergency.

From the moment I was admitted to ER by Dr. Robin Kaminsky, things moved magically along….After a quick Cat Scan and MRI… I was carefully attended to by the amazing Dr. Daniel Kelly and his dedicated team — Drs. Karimi, Toiserkani and Lobo. It was a miracle that I found myself at Saint John’s in such skilled hands. Once the MRI showed I had a large tumor in the Pituitary Gland, Dr. Kelly and his crew moved rapidly to operate and eliminate it.

From the moment I was admitted the hospital, I was cared for by many loving nurses and doctors, who could not have been more attentive and professional. I am now feeling like if have my life back and I am so grateful to everyone at the hospital and to the Saint John’s Cancer Institute for making it happen. Perhaps the operation was pay-back for the help I gave the Institute so many years ago. Back in 1965 I met Patrick Wayne, who is now the Chairman of the Institute, when we played brothers in the beautiful movie “Shenandoah.” James Stewart played our father. Patrick often asked me to participate in the Saint John’s Cancer Institute sponsored Golf weekends to help raise money. I hope Patrick has a chance to read this as I appreciate all the excellent work he is doing.

I know that “someone” up there was directing the little miracle that came to pass at this wonderful hospital.