Audrey Hiemer RN

Audrey Hiemer, RN

Research Nurse Coordinator, Brain Tumor Center, Neuro-oncology

Audrey is a research nurse coordinator with the neuro-oncology team at Pacific Neuroscience Institute’s Brain Tumor Center.

Audrey’s role is to work closely with the providers and the research group to ensure safety, continuum of care, and the development of “treatment team families” to support patients during their individual and unique journeys. That includes incorporating resources such as listening, reporting to appropriate medical staff, applying good research principals, and involving support members such as social workers, pain specialists, and cognitive and medicinal specialists.

Audrey earned her Bachelor of Arts and Master of Education degrees, as well as a California Multiple Subject Teaching Credential. She passionately taught public school for many years. However, oncology research was always one of her greatest interests. Her grandmother participated in a clinical trial for Zometa that enabled her to have a remarkable quality of life. That led Audrey to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing and license as a Registered Nurse. Her broad research experience includes seven and a half years as an Oncology Research Nurse at The Angeles Clinic & Research Institute. She is now committed to using her teaching expertise and love of research to contribute to the discovery of efficacious neuro-oncological therapies.