Brianna Rauchman

Brianna Rauchman

Communications Coordinator, Lifestyle Program

Brianna Rauchman, BA, is the Communications Coordinator for the Lifestyle Program, where she helps develop outreach strategies to connect with an expanding audience. Her responsibilities include providing launch support, developing content, assisting with collateral design, and planning social media strategies. 

Prior to joining the Pacific Neuroscience Institute Foundation, she received her BA in English Literature from UC Berkeley. As a student, Brianna also enrolled in numerous psychology and neuroscience classes. These elective studies reflect her passion for healthcare, and for optimizing brain health at every stage of life. 

While earning her degree, she concurrently worked as the Content Editor and Copywriter for Nailed It Media. As an experienced blog editor, copywriter, and the co-author of a Random House book, Brianna’s passion for writing directly lends itself to her current marketing initiatives.  

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