Alyssa Simpers

Alyssa Simpers

Office Manager/ Executive Assistant, PNI Foundation

Alyssa is the Executive Assistant to PNI Foundation Vice President Melissa Coleman, and Office Manager at PNIF. She received her bachelor’s degree at Cal State University, Los Angeles in Spanish and Sociology and has previously managed offices large and small in multiple disciplines. Alyssa specializes in operations, logistics, creating processes for efficiency, and fostering an exciting company culture. When she is not working, she enjoys going on road trips to National Parks and hiking with her loved ones. She affectionately refers to herself as a Polyglot Wannabe and when she is not at work, will practice her language skills with anyone who will listen, mainly with her Labrahuahua (Labrador + Chihuahua mix), Neptune.

PNI Foundation Office

1301 20th St, #250
Santa Monica, CA 90404

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