Akshay Tangutur

Akshay Tangutur, MS

Clinical Psychometrist, Brain Health Center

Akshay Tangutur is a Clinical Psychometrist at the Pacific Brain Health Center of the Pacific Neuroscience Institute, primarily conducting neuropsychological evaluations under the supervision of Dr. Stella Panos as well as aiding in the Center’s ongoing clinical research.

Akshay received his BS in Physiology & Neuroscience with a minor in Psychology from University of California, San Diego (CA) and subsequently earned his Master’s Degree in Biology from Chatham University in Pittsburgh. Prior to joining the Pacific Brain Health Center, Akshay assisted in research conducted by the UCLA Longevity Center with Drs. Gary Small and Karen Miller.

With a deep curiosity for the brain and all its intricacies, Akshay strives to learn more each and every day about the constantly evolving field as he pursues a career in medicine.