Spinal Cord Tumor

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If you, a family member or friend have been diagnosed with a spinal cord tumor, our team of experts is here to provide help and guidance. At the Pacific Brain Tumor Center, we provide comprehensive care for patients with spinal cord tumors, as well as patient education and psychosocial support.

Spinal cord tumors comprise a number of benign and malignant tumors that can originate in or around the spinal cord including in the upper (cervical) middle (thoracic) and lower (lumbar) regions. Most symptomatic spinal cord tumors require surgical removal which can typically be performed with small incisions on the back or neck and with little bony disruption. Depending on the type of tumor, further treatment may be indicated, including radiation or chemotherapy. Our neurosurgeons who specialize in brain tumor removal, have extensive experience in microsurgical spinal cord tumor removal as well.

To learn more about spinal cord tumor treatment options, make an appointment by calling 310-582-7640. You can also complete this brief form that is emailed to our team members and someone will contact you within 24 hours.