If you, a family member or friend have been diagnosed with a prolactinoma, our team of pituitary experts is here to provide help and guidance. At the Pacific Pituitary Disorders Center, we provide comprehensive care for patients with prolactinomas, as well as patient education and psychosocial support.

Prolactinomas are common pituitary adenomas that result in excess prolactin production and typically cause infertility and decreased libido. Large prolactinomas can also cause visual loss and headache. For the great majority of prolactinoma patients, cabergoline therapy is a highly effective and safe first-line treatment. However, in patients with prolactinomas that have caused rapid visual loss, or in who cabergoline therapy is ineffective, surgical removal through an endonasal approach is often indicated. Our endocrinologists , neurosurgeons and ENT surgeons are prolactinoma specialists with extensive experience in both medical and surgical therapies.

To learn more about prolactinoma treatment options, make an appointment by calling 310-582-7640. You can also complete this brief form that is emailed to our team members and someone will contact you within 24 hours.