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Colloid Cyst

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If you, a family member or friend have been diagnosed with a colloid cyst, our team of experts is here to provide help and guidance. At the Pacific Brain Tumor Center, we provide comprehensive care for patients with colloid cysts, as well as patient education and psychosocial support.

Colloid cysts are benign cysts that arise within the ventricles of the brain, blocking the normal flow of fluid out.  This can result in the development of hydrocephalus causing headaches, cognitive / memory difficulties, balance and ambulation difficulties. These are best treated with surgical resection of the cyst and its capsule. Depending on the location of the cyst and the extent of hydrocephalus, this can be performed via endoscope or a minimally invasive craniotomy.  At the Pacific Brain Tumor Center, our highly skilled neurosurgeons can design the optimal treatment plan for each patient.

To learn more about colloid cyst treatment options, make an appointment by calling 310-582-7640. You can also complete this brief form that is emailed to our team members and someone will contact you within 24 hours.