Cognitive Brain Health Diagnostic Workup

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Improving brain functioning through personalized physical exercise and targeted neurocognitive training programs.

Workup: Clinic Consultation

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Clinic consultations begin with a precision medicine evaluation, taking into account individual variability in genes, environment, and lifestyle. Data is collected via a suite of commercially available, FDA-cleared, Medicare-reimbursable tools.

Patient and Caregiver Provided Information:

  • Pre-appointment History and Information Questionnaire: Completed by patient and/or primary caregiver(s) (e.g., spouse, adult children, etc.) at the time of scheduling, details history.
  • Self-Reported Measures of Mood and Cognition: Brief, vital signs capture of mood and cognitive symptoms.

Same Day Testing Results:

  • Objective Neurocognitive Testing: Brief (<1 hour) office-based testing to determine the medical necessity for referral to a neuropsychologist for more exhaustive (3-5 hour) testing battery.
  • Quantitative Electrophysiology Test: 25-minute office-based test of brain function to aid in the differential diagnosis of dementia vs. depression.

Additional Elements of the Workup:

  • Lab Testing: Beginning with standard labs and expanding in an iterative fashion to optimize brain health.
  • Quantitative Volumetric MRI: Neuroreader Brainreader automated report quantifies 45 brain-regions against the Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Database to pin-point atrophied areas.
  • Psychotropic Pharmacogenomic Testing: Assurex Health GeneSight testing guides medication selection based on CYP450 kinetics and Serotonin-gene related dynamics.

Lab Tests