May 6 is World Moyamoya Day. 

Moyamoya disease is a rare neurovascular condition that can affect both children and adults and is caused by progressive narrowing or blockage of the major blood vessels supplying the brain.

World moyamoya day may 6The result is a lack of necessary blood flow to the brain, which can cause stroke, mini-stroke (TIA – transient ischemic attack) or bleeding into the brain. Numerous tiny vessels develop around the blockage in an attempt to compensate for the lowered blood flow, leading to a smoky appearance of these vessels on imaging. This smoky appearance is what gives the disease its name, as “moyamoya” means puff of smoke in Japanese.

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Achal Singh Achrol, MD

Achal Singh Achrol, MD, is the Director of Neurovascular Surgery and Neurocritical Care at the Pacific Neuroscience Institute. He specializes in computer-assisted minimally invasive endoscopic and microvascular neurosurgery, using advanced neuroimaging and stereotactic navigation techniques and has extensive experience treating complex vascular malformations such as Moyamoya disease.